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“I sold Ten painting using B&S.”

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What we do: Provide storage and display space on the website B&S. Setup and provide you with login access. Provide you with unlimited listings and edits for your artwork and biography. Regularly work on SEO to maintain search engine results to help drive incoming traffic. Regularly approve new listings, edited listings, and biographies. Provide detailed tutorials on how to list your work. Maintain the website. *Upon request we may be able to assist you with providing a "Short link" to your profile to make it easier for you to share your profile on business cards, websites and email signatures. *We may provide additional, optional, advertising opportunities such as banner ads in the future. *We may provide referrals to designers, publishers and art dealers who are looking for custom work.
I bought an amazing painting from Black and Spiro for my AirBnb Apartment.

Male and female Nude Artists

The naked human figure exudes artistic expressions in the most intimate and insinuating poses. Through extreme lighting techniques and shadow strokes across the body, the

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Golf Cart Painting

This sweet painting of a Golf Cart by Marc pale is for sale at B&S. If you’re an avid golfer, you should invest on a

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Pram Art

Art comes in all forms, and now see how Marie Lee has converted her prams to an amazing piece of art. Before we had children,

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