Reasons Why People Buy Art

Reasons Why People Buy Art

Many people, including economists, are left wondering about the motivations of art collectors every time they buy a piece. A recent study has shed light on this intriguing question. The report titled “Profit or Pleasure? Exploring the Motivations Behind Treasure Trends” found that procuring art is driven by the desire to invest or for enjoyment. But there are other reasons why they buy art.

It Makes You Feel Connected

Let’s consider Art Basel, which is a Swiss art fair that happens in June. More than 300 top rated international galleries convene during the six-day event. The annual reunion is highly anticipated not only by dealers and curators, but collectors too. So, even if the collectors don’t buy anything during the fair, they get to socialize with other art lovers. But this does not apply to all. There are some who feel dull if they don’t buy anything. For many of them, buying art makes them feel connected.

It Makes You Feel Like A Victor

Aside from giving you the chance to enjoy a sense of community during the fair, buying art gives you the feeling that you’re a victor. It may even fill a spiritual void for some while others feel superior and unique. For a few, buying art gives them a high. It makes them feel excited, more alive and vibrant.

It’s Competitive

Buying art, especially those expensive ones, can be quite competitive. If you successful purchase a piece, you’ll have that sense of conquest for being able to acquire something that you really desire.

But It’s Not All About The Price

If you don’t have millions to spare to buy a costly and highly coveted art piece, you should check out the pieces of local artists in your area. Their original artworks are beautiful, exquisite and cheaper than the pieces offered by internationally acclaimed artists. Buying art isn’t only for the wealthy.

Support Local Artists

When you buy an original piece from a living artist, you are supporting him or her and encouraging him to create more. This is important especially for up and coming artists who needs more exposure in the art world.

It’s An Investment

Buying art is an investment. But you won’t get the profits overnight. Buying art are for patient investors who can wait as long as at least 10 years before they can enjoy the profits.

Fund Your Art Purchase With Payday Loans

If you are interested in purchasing an art piece from a local artist in your area, but don’t have extra cash, consider getting a payday loan. As long as you meet the requirements and you submit all the information needed, then you may get access to the fund you need right away. You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy an art piece. With the help of a payday lender, you’ll have enough cash to procure the artwork you desire and settle the debt once your next paycheque comes.


How to Make Sure Your Art Studio is Secure

Art is expensive, no doubt. Even if the pieces you are showcasing in your studio or gallery are not from some of the most globally acclaimed artists, they still have a lot of value, and the last thing you want is to lose them.

Well, the risk is there. Burglaries, especially in big urban areas, are far too common and as such, it’s advisable to take measures that will secure your art studio.

We have a few ideas that may help you with this here below.

  1. Install a Surveillance System

Installing a comprehensive surveillance system that covers every inch of your studio will achieve two things.

First, it will be a deterrent measure. Would-be burglars are more likely to stay away from premises with 24-hour surveillance.

Secondly, surveillance gives you the means to recover your artwork in the event it is stolen. CCTV footage has been used in the past to track down criminals and recover stolen goods. With modern facial recognition technologies, it should be very easy.

  1. Secure the Windows

A lot of art studio owners often tend to assume that the only way a burglar would enter their premises is through the front door.

Well, some daring thieves would, in fact, do that but a majority will prefer a more subtle entrance through the windows.

And it’s not hard to see why. Windows are ignored, and often have very loose security features, making them an easy entry point for anyone. Don’t make this mistake. Ensure that your windows are properly secured to avoid any issues.

  1. Hire a Private Investigator

Most people will only hire private investigators when an incident has already happened. For example, a private investigator may come in when there has already been a break-in or an attempted break-in. There is no arguing that PIs will, of course, help a lot during these periods.

But you may also want to hire them as a preventive measure. Private investigators with extensive experience in security can give you an honest and professional assessment of your studio, showing you areas that need to be improved and even suggesting security systems that would work for you.

  1. Water Damage and Fire Protection

Security is not just about keeping thieves away. Although that is the primary goal, you also need to secure your studio, and all the art in it, from water damage and fire.

In that case, make sure the premises are fully assessed for flooding and fire risks by a professional. It is also good to take measures that would protect your most valuable pieces in case of flooding or fires.

  1. Install an Alarm System

Finally, you may also want to install an alarm system that safeguards your doors and windows. Alarms are designed to send an alert if the security of your studio is breached and can be great deterrents from burglars.

Alarms will also ensure that there’s a swift response to any break-in, something that may give thieves little time to steal anything from your studio.


Male and female Nude Artists

The naked human figure exudes artistic expressions in the most intimate and insinuating poses. Through extreme lighting techniques and shadow strokes across the body, the appearance of nudity frees what is seemingly trapped in an artist’s imagination.

The aesthetic value of nude art is artistic freedom. Whether an art seems controversial or obscene, the real worth lies on the artist’s justification of his work. For every nude painter, the bareness of a body liberates his deepest pleasures and profound emotions. Famous nude photographer Günter Rinnhofer defined nude photography as “A nude photo is then good when the Model shows it around at the coffee table at her grandmother’s birthday party and receives positive feedback.” Furthermore, artistic nudity is no longer a taboo yet various implications are cast on the moral view and societal norms. It can be quite hard to find nude models so in the past we have found male strippers to pose for us.

Conventionally, nude models were painted to highlight some artistic elements of innocence as to imaginary Greek paganism. Traditional nude art challenges and differs from the norm, opens room for new opinions and alternate individual interpretations. This is particularly evidential to the portraits of Greek gods and goddesses, whose figures were used as depiction of beauty and power. In the time of Renaissance, painters like Michaelangelo worked on nude art photo as a portrayal of social issues and culture. The painting, The Birth of Venus, showed Venus in the nude without any sexual implication.

Nowadays, the general perception towards artistic nudity has changed and had even led to the debate as to whether or not contemporary nude photography complies with the artistic standards. Modern nude photos are said to be deviant in nature which greatly affect the people’s understanding of sexuality.

Modern media have blatantly come up with the most sexually provocative advertising called “sex sells.” Clothing brands and liquors won’t earn the public’s interest without a nude poster on its starry billboard in Times Square. After all, advertising has always been for its exploitative use of sexy men and women, which worked for Calvin Klein, Benetton and Abercrombie and Fitch. In fact, Paris Hilton could have flunked if she hadn’t showed some flesh in nude posters for the socialites.

In modern art, a nude photo showcases in entirety a woman’s naked body exposing even her private parts to draw more attention to eroticism. An example of this is Samuel de Cubber’s full frontal nudity for M7 Fragrance ads.

The question of whether a nude photo is an ‘art’ often gets into a debate since nudity has a long history. Arguments contain the premise seeing people clothed is more natural than seeing them naked.

How an artist portrays a nude photo depends solely on his or her intention of drawing it. As an artist, one has to set the standards and lay the groundwork. The image has to project a confident and sensible body not an exploitation of the flesh. “


Golf Cart Painting

This sweet painting of a Golf Cart by Marc pale is for sale at B&S.

If you’re an avid golfer, you should invest on a good golf cart. And when it comes to these vehicles, electric golf carts are usually the best choices. This is because they are not dependent on fuel or petrol to run. These carts are cost-effective, efficient, and are virtually sound investments.

You’re better off buying electric golf carts than any other type of golf vehicles because of one thing – a lot of cities and states are allowing their use on the road nowadays. This means that you can use these cars anywhere else and not just on the golf course. You can now bring them home and use it to take you to the supermarket where you do your groceries.

Electric golf carts are small vehicles that run on batteries. They have to be charged all night so that they can be used during the day. They can carry two passengers at a time, and has compartments for your golf club. These carts are popular in golf courses because it minimizes the need to walk around the course as you chase your ball.

Right now, one of the popular golf vehicles is the remote control golf trolley. These ones work in the same way as regular golf carts. The only difference is that they can be controlled with a remote control panel. As such, you don’t have to go to the cart. Just push the button and it would towards you to pick you up.


There are golf trolleys that can be used as an alternative to electric golf carts as well. So instead of buying an entire vehicle, you can use trolleys to get to certain places on the golf course. These trolleys are less expensive than golf cars. You can get one for less than $400. This one is perfect for the golfer who is on a budget and can’t afford an electric golf cart right away.

Electric golf cars have accessories too. These are created for the particular model and make of your cart, to make them even more functional. Golf carts accessories can be purchased online and at your local golf store. Choose the one that would make your experience at the golf course a lot more convenient and your game several notches better.

And if ever there’s a problem with your golf cart, spare parts are widely available too. Just search for the one you need over the internet or talk to a local golf cart repair expert near you. The golf cart spare parts available at online stores can restore the functionality of your electric golf cart easily and conveniently.