Reasons Why People Buy Art

Reasons Why People Buy Art

Many people, including economists, are left wondering about the motivations of art collectors every time they buy a piece. A recent study has shed light on this intriguing question. The report titled “Profit or Pleasure? Exploring the Motivations Behind Treasure Trends” found that procuring art is driven by the desire to invest or for enjoyment. But there are other reasons why they buy art.

It Makes You Feel Connected

Let’s consider Art Basel, which is a Swiss art fair that happens in June. More than 300 top rated international galleries convene during the six-day event. The annual reunion is highly anticipated not only by dealers and curators, but collectors too. So, even if the collectors don’t buy anything during the fair, they get to socialize with other art lovers. But this does not apply to all. There are some who feel dull if they don’t buy anything. For many of them, buying art makes them feel connected.

It Makes You Feel Like A Victor

Aside from giving you the chance to enjoy a sense of community during the fair, buying art gives you the feeling that you’re a victor. It may even fill a spiritual void for some while others feel superior and unique. For a few, buying art gives them a high. It makes them feel excited, more alive and vibrant.

It’s Competitive

Buying art, especially those expensive ones, can be quite competitive. If you successful purchase a piece, you’ll have that sense of conquest for being able to acquire something that you really desire.

But It’s Not All About The Price

If you don’t have millions to spare to buy a costly and highly coveted art piece, you should check out the pieces of local artists in your area. Their original artworks are beautiful, exquisite and cheaper than the pieces offered by internationally acclaimed artists. Buying art isn’t only for the wealthy.

Support Local Artists

When you buy an original piece from a living artist, you are supporting him or her and encouraging him to create more. This is important especially for up and coming artists who needs more exposure in the art world.

It’s An Investment

Buying art is an investment. But you won’t get the profits overnight. Buying art are for patient investors who can wait as long as at least 10 years before they can enjoy the profits.

Fund Your Art Purchase With Payday Loans

If you are interested in purchasing an art piece from a local artist in your area, but don’t have extra cash, consider getting a payday loan. As long as you meet the requirements and you submit all the information needed, then you may get access to the fund you need right away. You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy an art piece. With the help of a payday lender, you’ll have enough cash to procure the artwork you desire and settle the debt once your next paycheque comes.

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