The Visual Art Of Cracked Windscreens

Art is the beholder, check out this amazing looking cracked windscreen:


As a driver or vehicle owner, you may experience cracks on your windshield and need a car windshield replacement. Don’t get panicked, because it’s not the end of the world.  We know you may be thinking there is no way out, the truth is there is always a solution. There are several things to when you get windshield cracks on a long journey. Here are some important things you can do:

Check the Level Of Damage

No doubt that the importance of windshield cannot be overemphasized due to the clear vision it gives to drivers and car owners. Once you observe cracks while undergoing a long journey. Look for a safe public place to park. Once you have parked, check the level of damage. This would give you an idea of what to do. 

Be Careful How You Slam the Doors of Your Car

Once you are on a long journey and you have observed there are cracks in your windshield. Avoid slamming the doors too hard, this can send vibrations to the windshield. This may be disastrous to the already cracked windshield.

Observe the Temperature Of Your Car

This is another important thing to do. We know the weather is beyond human control. But you can try to regulate the temperature of your car. Avoid the use of air conditioners. This is a short term solution but very efficient. Temperature changes can increase cracks. Also, avoid using a car wash until the cracks are fixed.

Look For Solution

Once you have discovered the extent of cracks you then find a solution. Most times, the first cracks are not always severe. Meaning it can be fixed while you continue your long journey. Remember, windshields are created with high strength mix tempered safety glass and clear plastic. This implies that your windshield minor cracks won’t stop your journey, because the plastics inside the windshield is made of sandwich that cut across two layers of glass.  The crack will have to pass through 3 strong layers before it can cause the windshield to fall out. A simple crack does not deprive you of continuing your journey once you observe cracks.

Visit a Professional

No doubt cracked windshields pose a serious challenge to drivers most especially if it’s severe. It can blur your vision, a crack that occurs during the spring season may expand during the winter season if not attended to. It is important you pay a visit to windshield Repair Company to profound a final solution. Fixing it yourself is not an ideal remedy especially when the cracks are huge.

The above points are some of the things you can do when you observe cracks on your windshield during a long journey.

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