Designing bathroom basins and keeping them clean of Rust.

In most homes, at least a few metal parts rust over time. When ferrous or iron-based metals are exposed to air, they often turn a familiar red-orange coluor. This chemical reaction can weaken metal and cause issues with your bathroom fixtures. Preventing rust can help your fixtures last longer by preventing damage. It can also make your house more appealing to guests and potential future buyers. If you already have rust, you should remove it quickly, before it can spread. Here’s some more information about the causes of rust, what you can do to prevent it, and how to remove it.

The Causes of Rust

Rust can have a variety of causes. If you see rust stains on your porcelain bathtub or sink, they’re likely from metal objects like cans of shaving cream or razors that you keep nearby. Rust often forms in places with hard water, and it can seep into wells or pipes in or near your Chicago, Illinois, home.

Many bathroom fixtures have chrome or brushed nickel plating to make them look shiny and protect them from rust. The plating also makes the surface of the metal harder and prevents a lot of wear. Two types of chrome plating are common. Hard chrome-plated surfaces are usually thicker, and they protect the outside of fixtures like faucets. Thin dense chrome plating is usually used on the interiors of surfaces to increase smoothness and uniformity and reduce metal fatigue.

While you can use these tools in the bathroom, these cleaning supplies are not bathroom-centric. These bathroom cleaning supplies are general items needed to clean every room in the house and must last a long time.

Thin, breakable material or products that don’t operate as advertised won’t make the cut. Save more money by buying products you can reuse after washing instead of disposable products.

Keeping them clean:

  • Rubber gloves*
  • Bucket
  • Mop**
  • Microfiber cloths or hand towels ***
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Broom and pan
  • Duster
  • Squeegee

*Always have rubber gloves handy to keep your clean hands when working with chemicals or germ-prone areas. For people allergic to latex, choose latex-free rubber gloves or plastic gloves.

** Buying a mop with disposable pads is money wasted. Aim for a mop with a cut end, looped end, or microfiber head. Wash the head after use and let it drip dry.

***A cost-saving alternative to cleaning cloths and hand towels is using unused clothes and cutting them into hand towel rags for cleaning. A second option is cutting up unwanted large towels and b.each towels to make hand towel rags for cleaning. However, microfiber will be best for surfaces like glass.

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