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Inspired by love
Black & Spiro is the name of my 2 dogs, as they have brought lots of joy to my life. I decided to name my Business Black & Spiro.

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This website is under new ownership and you will see many changes to make shopping for art an even faster and better experience. B&S, powered by a small team that is an art hosting website on which artists have unlimited space to share their artwork that is for sale. The site is being redesigned to allow the space to be utilized as a forum for buyers to discover amazing art. We welcome any website to join us.


A Few Words about Me

I love to Paint

Our new and improved contact system allows you to view art, contact and negotiate with the artist directly making your shopping experience even faster. This also helps keep prices lower because there is no middleman taking a commission off the top. Artists We offer hosting services to artists at a rate of $10. per month for unlimited, self-service, listings and edits. BS strives for search engine optimization (SEO) to keep the website and artists in the top percentage of the search engine results.

What we do

What we do: Provide storage and display space on the website B&S. Setup and provide you with login access. Provide you with unlimited listings and edits for your artwork and biography. Regularly work on SEO to maintain search engine results to help drive incoming traffic. Regularly approve new listings, edited listings, and biographies. Looking for an out standing SEO agency in Melbourne? Then check Out Calibrenine


Painting is life

Provide detailed tutorials on how to list your work. Maintain the website. *Upon request we may be able to assist you with providing a “Short link” to your profile to make it easier for you to share your profile on business cards, websites and email signatures. *We may provide additional, optional, advertising opportunities such as banner ads in the future. *We may provide referrals to designers, publishers and art dealers who are looking for custom work.

Keeping healthy while doing art:

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